Let’s light it up !


Existing outdoor lighting solutions can be integrated into the IoT Gateway for smart control and monitoring by outfitting them with the newest technology

Energy Savings

Efficient lighting systems coupled with energy-saving operating mechanisms such as motion and ambient light sensors, help reduce energy consumption by streetlights


Real-Time alerts on malfunctioning elements in the grid help you to narrow down faults to individual components and save downtime on repair and maintenance


The feature allows the control of streetlights using sensors in segments even when the internet or gateway is absent

Platform Independent

There is always reliable support regardless of the platform the system is operating on


The solution will give you real-time reports on the lighting status, performance, energy consumption, and other metrics for all locations

Who is it for



Smart street lights make the cities more livable and secure for the citizens by improving safety after dark. While street lights need to be on all the time for public safety, it also consumes energy. Smart street lights can optimize the system by decreasing the brightness when no one is around and increasing it in the presence of a person. This also means security cameras can capture better images to help maintain law and order. Real-time monitoring also aids in fast location and repairs of faulty components to ensure the lights are reliable. Furthermore, pollution and temperature sensors on the lamp posts help gain insight into the quality of air and real-time updates for better citizen health.



CCMS helps the city to better manage the street lights by remotely controlling a group of feeders or even individual feeders. This means lights can be turned off where it is redundant to save energy. Real-time analytics helps to detect routine problems such as power failures, lamp failures, and voltage fluctuations. It also helps in monitoring power consumption at all points on the grid and identifies faults and even power thefts. Smart management leads to lowered downtimes on segments of street lights and significant savings on power consumption.

Managers Reporting


The city managers can monitor and control all the integrated street lights through one easy-to-use platform. The managers will have complete control of every light to set the brightness manually or turn it on or off from the dashboard, and troubleshooting faults like MCB trips and lamp malfunctions is made easy by live alerts. The portal gives summarized details of all street lights starting from the level of the individual pole to groups or zones of street lights. With the insight gained into energy usage in any zone, it is possible to optimize the entire infrastructure and even make actionable places for the future.


Individual Control

  • Notification of all alarms (High/Low Voltage, Light Fault, Low power factor, etc..)
  • Monitor Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, kW and kWh
  • Full remote control of the network
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • No more night patrols to check for burned-out lights
  • Retrofit device for existing outdoor lighting solutions
  • No lamp changes for 10 to 15 years
  • Support multiple lamp control modes such as user configurable ON/OFF/DIM schedules, local ad-hoc control, photocell and astro-clock scheduling and mixed mode scheduling.

Technical Specification

Power Supply

80-305 VAC

Load Capacity

Up to 1150W (5A @230VAC)

Surge Protection

4 kV

Real Time Clock

Battery-Backed RTC

Network Communication

LoraWan, 2.4GHz RF and Power Line


0-10V PWM

Operating Temperature

–20 °C to +70°C


75 g

Central Control

  • Remote ON/OFF of a single or group of feeder panels
  • Real time alerts for field abnormalities
  • Fault detection and power theft alerts
  • Full remote control of the network
  • WEB API to 3rd party head end system integration

Technical Specification

Power Supply

1 Phase : 90-239 V
3 Phase : 320-455 V

Load Capacity

1 Phase : 3 kW
3 Phase : 10 kW

Network Communication

2.4GHz RF and Power Line

Power Consumption

< 15 Watts


H x W x D : 380mm x 600mm x 210mm

Operating Temperature

–40 °C to +70°C

3 Phase CCMS

Monitoring and Control

  • Energy consumption monitoring for individual as well as group/zones
  • Device status for real time data collection of working status of lamps
  • Binding device with Motion sensor, photocells and other add on sensors
  • Support astro-clock scheduling and mixed mode scheduling
  • Live map view of Street light implementation
  • User can set brightness and on/off devices manually
  • WEB API to 3rd party head end system integration

How it works!

  1. Controller

    Controller with light and motion sensors activates/ deactivates and regulates the street lamp.

  2. Gateway

    The Gateways act as an interfacing device between the controller and lighting management software.

  3. Cloud

    A cloud-based management system backhauls information from the Gateways.

  4. Users

    System managers use data from the cloud to monitor and control lighting systems.

  5. Evaluation

    The data is analyzed to gather insights into the performance of the lighting systems.


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