Smart Street Lighting: A key to reducing the carbon footprint
Smart Street Lighting: A Key to Reducing the Carbo...

Posted :  March 11, 2021

Our current energy production system from fossil fuels is one of the root causes of climate change-related catastrophe. Fossil fuels are mainly used

Smart street lighting pole
Smart Street Lighting Pole: A Platform for Smart C...

Posted :  March 23, 2021

The world is rapidly moving towards massive urbanisation, which will create a huge socio-economic and environmental challenge for urban planners to

Why smart street light pole can be a game-changer ...

Posted :  April 06, 2021

Urban authorities across the world are vying to transform their existing cities into smart cities by laying down myriad smart applications

Smart Street Light
Will Smart Lighting Bring Back Galileo's Night Sky...

Posted :  March 05, 2021

In 1669, Galileo, the father of Modern Physics and Observational Astronomy, had trained a telescope on the night sky. In the subsequent year, 1670